Two charters named Michigan's top college enrollment schools

Buddy Moorehouse
Mar 6, 2019 2:45:39 PM

When it comes to sending graduates on to college, the top two schools in the state are both charter schools. 

For the second year in a row, MLive has compiled a database of every high school in the state, looking at the percentage of 2018 graduates who enrolled in either a two-year or four-year college upon graduation. MLive then ranked the schools, showing that the top two open-enrollment high schools in Michigan are both charter schools. (The list excludes selective-enrollment high schools.)

Marshall Academy, a charter school in Marshall, saw 92% of its 2018 graduates enroll in college, earning the No. 1 overall state ranking. Close behind at No. 2 is Central Academy, a charter school in Ann Arbor, which saw 91% of its graduates last year enroll in college. 

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The top five open-enrollment high schools are as follows: 

  1. Marshall Academy,charter public school – 92% of grads enrolling in college
  2. Central Academy,charter public school – 91%
  3. Northville High School, traditional public school – 90%
  4. Elk Rapids High School, traditional public school – 87%
  5. Utica Eisenhower High School, traditional public school – 86%

Several other charter schools fared extremely well in the rankings, with more than 80% of grads enrolling in college, including Star International Academy in Dearborn Heights (83%), Canton Preparatory High School in Canton (81%) and Arbor Preparatory High School in Ypsilanti (81%).

Statewide, about 60% of all 2018 graduates enrolled in college – including 39% who enrolled in a four-year school, and 21% who enrolled in a two-year school.

“The mission of every high school is to prepare students for success in careers and life, and a big part of that equation is sending students on to college,” said MAPSA President Dan Quisenberry. “It’s no surprise that charter schools are leading the way in that regard. This is simply more evidence that demonstrates when it comes to achievement and performance, charter schools are leading the way.”
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