Whitmer slashes funding increase for charter schools with veto

Alicia Urbain
Oct 1, 2019 11:21:57 AM
In a devastating move, Governor Whitmer used a line item veto to eliminate the originally proposed budget increase of $240 per-pupil for charter school students, and charter school students alone. 
While education funding should drive student achievement and be awarded equitably amongst every learner (no matter where they receive their education), this move targets students who are by law at the state minimum in school funding - simply because they attend a charter school. Those students, educators and families will be affected as early as October 20, 2019, as their first State Aid payment will NOT include the originally agreed upon $240 per-pupil increase.
Gov. Whitmer just told 150,000 Michigan students that she doesn’t value them as much as other students, and that’s outrageous. Charter schools are mostly located in the state’s most challenging urban centers, in cities like Detroit and Flint, where students need help the most. It boggles the mind that Gov. Whitmer would choose to directly target those students, and tell them that she values those students less. I would invite Gov. Whitmer to visit a school in Detroit or Flint, to look those students directly in the eyes, and tell them that she doesn’t feel they’re worth as much."
- MAPSA President, Dan Quisenberry

This targeted attack on undermines the voices, work and success charter school educators drive every day for Michigan families, and must be addressed.

Contact Gov. Whitmer and Michigan legislators NOW and make your voice heard.

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