Who is MAPSA, and What in the World Do They Even Do?

Marianne Fant
Oct 4, 2023 12:48:19 PM

Think “Avengers” meets “The Amazing Race”!

MAPSA stands for “Michigan Association of Public School Academies,” and simply put, we’re the state charter school association. We represent the state’s 285 charter schools and 150,000-plus charter school students. We’re their advocate in Lansing, doing everything we can to make sure the Governor, Legislature and other power brokers treat charter school students, teachers and administrators fairly.

“Quite simply, we believe in better education opportunities for every child. A better tomorrow depends on it” is what our website says, and that’s what drives our work every single day. MAPSA represents a statewide movement of charter school stakeholders. We’ve been around for more than 25 years supporting charter school staff, engaging parents, providing resources, and helping to give the charter community a voice on issues that impact charter schools.

Why the Avengers? When legislation or bills are created by lawmakers that could negatively impact charter schools, MAPSA fights on your behalf. The Marvel Avengers were originally created to serve as the first line of defense against the most powerful threats in the universe.

Well, in our case, MAPSA does similar work. Our team works hard not only to protect charter school students and teachers, but also to advocate for legislation that will improve K-12 education across the board.

In addition, what makes the Avengers special is that each one of them has their own special gifts and superpowers. Each of our team members has a specific focus area. For example, communications, public relations, talent recruitment and retention, or legislative and legal affairs. And while each of us focuses on different initiatives, we’re only successful if we work together as a team - in unity. We engage the charter sector so that we can all stand UNITED! Just like the Avengers, there are some challenges that are too great to face alone!

Why Amazing Race? Well, because MAPSA is like the Amazing Race for education in Michigan. Contestants on Amazing Race embark on a thrilling adventure, navigating challenges and racing against time to reach their destination.

Similarly, MAPSA is dedicated to supporting the diverse landscape of public charter schools in Michigan. We help guide the charter movement through the ever-changing educational landscape, and help support our state’s charter schools to excel in their mission to provide quality education. The more unity we have, the stronger we become. It takes alliances, strategy, and a plan to stay one step ahead of any obstacles. Both MAPSA and the Amazing Race share a spirit of determination, innovation, and a commitment to reaching their goals, making them exciting journeys to watch and be a part of. Our ultimate goal? Well, to win the game of course…and that’s parent choice in education!

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