Charters Make a Difference

As part of our ongoing efforts to close the equity gap between charter schools and traditional public schools, we invite parents, educators and advocates to tell their stories of charter success. 

Help us achieve equitable funding

During the 2019 Charters Make a Difference Initiative, you'll have the opportunity to attend a House and/or Senate K12 School Aid Subcommittee Hearing and engage with key lawmakers on issues of public education in Michigan, sharing your story as a charter school stakeholder. As it comes time to vote on key public education issues, including charter school funding, your voice could be the one that makes a difference for your lawmaker. 

2019 CMAD schedule & info

  • The program will run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, beginning the week after school choice week and continuing until the week before Charter Day at the Capitol
  • Participants will join MAPSA and other charter stakeholders from 9:00AM - 2:00 PM, lunch is provided
  • The day will include an overview of legislative updates and a trip over to the Capitol to sit in on one of the House or Senate Education Subcommittee hearings, plus you'll get a special Capitol tour from MAPSA President Dan Quisenberry
  • At the Capitol, MAPSA representatives will pull key legislators to come engage with the CMAD group, where you'll get a chance to engage with your lawmakers and tell them your story of charter school success
  • During CMAD, you'll get to network with charter peers and come together to share insights into your charter funding issues

*The dates for the 2019 House and Senate Education Subcommittee hearings have not yet been released. At this time, MAPSA is collecting information for individuals or groups who would like to participate. We will further schedule you with an exact date once dates are announced.

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Public schools no longer fit into a one-size-fits-all box. Learning should be diverse and accessible - and charter schools are a critical choice for many families. Unfortunately, they are not funded fairly for that work. 

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