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Want access to Michigan's leading charter school decision makers? Looking for measurable and meaningful results with real-time analytics? You've come to the right place.

Social media

With nearly 8,000 combined followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, our social channels are carefully curated to target charter parents, advocates and educators.

Email marketing

We have over 37,000 active email subscribers, encompassing charter school leaders, board members, teachers and more, averaging a 26% open rate. 

Website traffic

Averaging over 5,500 monthly views across all web pages, we're constantly driving traffic to our website. Ads on our blogs and homepage gain maximum exposure.

Why digital advertising?

It's the modern day word-of-mouth.

Consumers are in digital spaces. It's where they discover new products and organizations; it's where they communicate to one another about those products and organizations. Utilizing digital advertising on a social media channel drives word-of-mouth marketing as it creates easy avenues of content sharing electronically.

But that's not all. With digital mediums, you can know exactly how many people are seeing your ad and how many times they felt compelled to click on it. These unmatched analytics ensure that you can justify every dime you spend, and see the results in action.


We have unique access to Michigan's top charter school decision makers.  From management companies, to authorizers, to school leaders, teachers, board members and other advocates, we can guarantee direct exposure to the niche market that is Michigan charter schools.

How does it work?

With us, advertising is a full circle process - we want you to leave satisfied.


Get the right exposure, in the right places

We'll work together to first uncover the "who" and "what" you'd like to impact - then make a recommendation for the best fitting ad, based on our previous sponsors and numbers. 


Message is king, but design is the messenger

We'll help shape your advertisement, whether you just need a glance at your final product, or you need us to lend a design-saavy eye to help you gain maximum impact with your advertisement. 


Wisdom comes in the numbers

You'll walk away with a full-service advertising report, encompassing your total views, clicks and engagements. We even include recommendations for higher results the next time around. 

Discover our digital advertising opportunities

Find out which digital sponsorship could best fit your organization's advertising needs. 
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