Detroit Institute for Children

by MAPSA, on Sep 9, 2018 6:48:23 PM

The Detroit Institute for Children (DIC) provides services to children at more then 180 public and charter K-12 schools, Head Starts, and Early Childhood programs across Detroit, Southeast, and West Michigan. Each year, our 80+ professional field staff members provide more than 60,000 hours of therapeutic services to children with special needs at these locations that help treat and diagnose a wide range of established and emerging conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. These services include speech, occupational, and physical therapies; social work; psychological services; and special education/classroom behavior consulting.

In addition, we work with parents and guardians, caregivers, educators, and administrators to give each of them the tools to better assist each child, including specialized training in trauma.

Contact Person: Michael R. Rhoads
E-Mail Address:
Phone: (248) 926-0909 x 245
Fax: (248)624-3332
Address: 2045 E. West Maple Road
Suite D407
City: Commerce Twp.
State: MI
Postal Code: 48390
Service Areas:tutoring/special educationeducational service provider

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