Easysuite Software

by MAPSA, on Jan 9, 2023 4:55:23 PM

Easysuite Software offers a Suite of Operations Software to schools nationwide. From
Enrollment to Food Service to After School Care and much more.

A Suite of Software to Make Your Life Easy!
Lotterease - Enrollment Lottery
Enrollease - Intelligent Parent Forms
Foodease - NSLP & Food Operations
Supervisease - Childcare Management
Journease - Field Trip Management
Purchasease - Integrated Online Purchasing

Contact Person:
Steffan Neira
E-Mail Address: steffan@easysuite.software
1006 Cross Creek Blvd, #197 
City: Tampa
State: FL
Postal Code: 33647
Service Areas:consulting servicesadmin/financial/HR

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