Lumen Impact Group

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What we do:

  • Strategy Development
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Culture Development

At Lumen Impact Group, we support you — as individuals and as teams — in thinking strategically.

We help you define your path forward while forging a cohesive, thriving culture. We arm you with processes and tools that address specific needs and prepare you to achieve groundbreaking impact.

Clients often say their work with Lumen Impact brings their teams together through clarity in mission, vision and priorities. Your time with us will be marked by light-bulb moments, and the resulting knowledge will fuel your organization daily.

We also work one-on-one with leaders and leadership teams, helping them understand how their leadership styles affect their impact as well as their sense of personal fulfillment. Our coaching has helped dozens of leaders maximize their interactions with boards, superiors, peers, teams, clients and stakeholders.

All of our efforts are tailored. We customize your experience based on your organization, its mission and its team members. We help you decipher how to overcome obstacles and optimize the opportunities that stand between you and your greatest impact.

Results-Driven Strategy Development

  • Strategic & Business Plan Facilitation
  • Plan & Process Audit
  • Implementation Planning, Support
  • Organization/Program Evaluation, Design
  • School Quality Assessment

High-Impact Leaders and Teams

  • Private Leadership Coaching
  • Retreat & Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Assessment/Team Building
  • 360 Evaluations
  • Leadership Style Assessments

Intentional Culture

  • Culture Assessment & Improvement
  • Advancement of Organizational Values
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Best Practices
  • Organizational Development Facilitation
  • Decision-Making Process Refinement

Contact Person: Lisa Diaz
E-Mail Address:
Phone: (517) 204-6046
Fax: N/A
Address: 3250 Saint Andrews Drive
City: Mount Pleasant
State: MI
Postal Code: 48858
Service Areas:consulting services

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