Shifman & Carlson, P.C.

by MAPSA, on Aug 13, 2021 1:23:26 PM

Shifman & Carlson, P.C. is a law firm that specializes in providing general counsel services to charter schools, and has done so since the creation of charter schools in Michigan. From this experience, we know that charter schools face a number of unique issues grounded in laws specific to public schools in general and charter schools specifically. We work with our clients with almost every aspect of education law including the following:

Special Education
Student Discipline
School Finance/State Aid Notes
Bond Counsel
Competitive Bidding and Construction Contracts
School Personnel
Building Leases
Board Policies
Start-Up Services
Charter Contract and Management Contract Negotiation

We regularly counsel our clients on areas of the law specific to charter schools, including the Open Meetings Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, IEPs, and due process concerns as they might relate to student discipline hearings. We understand how delicate many issues facing school districts and charter schools are, especially matters related to student discipline, parent interactions with the school, and other similar situations, and work carefully with our clients to thread these thorny problems.

Our experience includes working with a number of unique charter school structures, including strict discipline academies, cyber schools, and conversions of private schools to charter schools. We have handled transitions between management companies and litigation related to these transitions.

We are also Nationally Recognized Bond Counsel and serve as bond counsel and borrower's counsel to charter schools seeking bond financing for construction projects or refinancing opportunities.

Contact Person: Robert Gavin
E-Mail Address:
Phone: 248-406-0620
Address: 34705 West 12 Mile Road, Suite 160
City: Farmington Hills
State: MI
Postal Code: 48331
Service Areas:insurance/legal

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