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We strive to be leaders and innovators in the charter movement - but we can't do it alone. We welcome charter leaders, educators and operators to participate in our strategic workgroups, where we share best practices, create shared goals and address core issues.


Key charter leaders work to create cohesion across the sector by setting and cultivating common goals that benefit the entire movement.


Creative minds work together to drive positive brand messaging for Michigan charter schools, and elevate key storytelling activites.


Experienced PR professionals coordinate efforts in the traditional media sector to actively get positive charter news in the public eye, targeting key media outlets and opportunities.


Allied organizers facilitate outreach efforts to engage charter school advocates around issues and share best practices on proactive engagement tactics.

ESP/Executive Workgroup

The ESP/Executive workgroup is comprised of key leadership professionals from various organizations in the charter school movement. We work to  create cohesion across the sector and work on common goals that drive collective impact. Contact us about the ESP/Executive workgroup.

MI Charter Communications Network

Comprised of marketing, communications, branding and social media creatives, the MI Charter Communications Network seeks to build cohesion in our collective charter school messaging and storytelling. We know that a negative narrative surrounds charter schools, especially in Michigan. Our goal is to shift that narrative by elevating key stories of charter success.

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Charter PR/Media Summit

Made up of experienced Public Relations and Media professionals, either directly within a charter school organization or working with a PR agency, the Charter PR/Media Summit works together to identify strategic media opportunities to earn coverage for positive charter news. In this group, we review the latest data trends to share with media and assign editorial/op-ed pieces to push out on our respective channels. Contact us about the Charter PR/Media Summit.


As a movement, we know our power is in numbers - specifically when we can organize our charter supporters to advocate for their school choice. In the Outreach Workgroup, experienced organizers work together to identify key outreach opportunities and motivate our charter advocates to speak up on key issues, both digitally and in person. Contact us about the Outreach Workgroup.

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