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MI Charter Classroom

We push the boundaries of traditional instruction. We are the leaders in our schools, with autonomy to achieve success through unique strategies. We believe in every student, in working miracles, in going the extra mile. 

We are Michigan's charter school teachers. 

What defines us

We're adaptive. We're all about passionate instruction, and trying new strategies to help every kid reach their goals. We support dreams, build leaders, offer helping hands. And yes, we're 100%, absolutely without a doubt, certified.

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See our classrooms

For some of us, classrooms have four walls, a whiteboard and student desks. But for others, classrooms are the great outdoors, or a wing in a local airport, or even part of a historic museum. So come on in - you might just find something you like.

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Words of wisdom

We love our jobs - like REALLY LOVE them. We feel supported, empowered, believed in. We're trying new things and pushing the envelope to help our students succeed - on tests, and in life. We make impact, the kind that lasts forever.

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Discover Michigan's leading charter educators

Learn more about the Michigan Charter School Awards.
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Hi, I'm Sandy

I'm a teacher at Lake Superior Academy, a montessori charter school in Sault Ste. Marie. #MiCharterClassroom disrupts the "one size fits all" mindset to education, giving every child the opportunity to grow and learn within their individualism.

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A photo of MI Intl. Prep School teacher, Ashley Murphy.

Hi, I'm Ashley

I'm a virtual math teacher with Michigan International Prep School (MIPS), a virtual K-12 charter school serving students across the state. #MiCharterClassroom enables every student to grow, meeting them where they're at and personalizing their learning. 

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A photo of Brenda Rupp.

Hi, I'm Brenda

I'm an art teacher at Tipton Academy, a K-8 charter school in Garden City, Michigan. #MiCharterClassroom empowers educators and students, integrating creativity and passion into everyday learning opportunities.

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Hi, I'm Chrysantha

I'm a K-4 Special Education Resource teacher at Distinctive College Prep - Harper Woods. #MiCharterClassroom drives learning equity for every student, supporting their academic, social & emotional needs - and practicing restorative justice, where new beginnings are genuine, often & meaningful.

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