School Aid - key dates

When can you advocate for your charter school? How does the School Aid Budget process work? Learn the key dates and how you can get involved. 

Key Dates

The 2019-2020 School-Aid Budget cycle is a critical time to ensure lawmakers hear from real charter parents, educators and avocates. Don't miss these key dates.

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Budget Presentation

Early March 2019

At this time, the Governor introduces the initial 2019 State Budget. The State Budget Director will then provide a broad overview in the various budget categories, such as education.

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K12 School-Aid Subcommittee Hearings

March-April 2019

The K12 School-Aid Subcommittee will commence hearings, during which the Chair of the subcommittee discusses topics that impact various education topics as they consider funding. These hearings will run through mid March.

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First Budgets

April 2019

The Michigan House and Senate will pass their First Budgets, which include their priorities, respectively, for school aid funding.

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Estimating Revenue Conference

May-June 2019

During the Estimating Revenue Conference, lawmakers create budget targets which are reviewed by conference committees on the school-aid budget.

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Finalizing budget details

Late June 2019

Budget details are worked out in school aid conference committees for the final budget process.

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Passage of conference reports

Early Summer 2019

Taking the details established in the school-aid committees at the Estimating Revenue Conference, the final budget reports are passed by the House and the Senate.

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Official signing of the Budget

Late Summer 2019

The Governor signs the final 2018 State Budget into effect.



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 Lawmakers use misinformation to attack charters

“Bills that support increasing funding for charters would take away millions of dollars meant for our traditional public schools and put it right in the pockets of companies trying to profit off our kids’ education.”
“Charter schools are simply stealing our hard-earned tax dollars, which are meant to educate our students in traditional public schools.”
“Charter schools don't have the costs of operating a bus system or special education programs, and arent' held to the same accountability or performance standards. So why do they need more funds?"