School-Aid Budget: Get Involved

Right now, charter schools don't get access to equal resources & funding

At MAPSA, we believe that public schools no longer fit in a one-size-fits all box - learning can happen any time, any place, and at any pace. We believe that recognizing the differences and benefits of diversified learning environments will only accelerate innovation - and charter schools across the state are providing those opportunities for students. Unfortunately, they aren't getting funded fairly for their work. 

Lawmakers believe charter schools offer less for students

Lawmakers like State Senator Curtis Hertel firmly believe that charter schools do not deserve equal funding as traditional public schools, and what's worse - they are telling fellow lawmakers to vote NO on equitable funding, If we don't stand together as a unified body against these opponents, charter school students will continue to recieve less funding, despite the fact that they are still held to the same education standards. 

A photo of Michigan State Senator, Curtis Hertel, of District 25.
Charter schools don't have the costs of operating a bus system or special education programs, and aren't held to the same accountability standards.

MI State Senator Curtis Hertel, District 25

So what can you do? 

Our collective voices can make a difference. Last year alone, our efforts helped gain charter students a $240 increase in per-pupil funding.

Attend coffee hours

Look up your Senate and House lawmakers, and connect with them during designated community engagement to share your story.

Contact your lawmaker

Tell your lawmaker that charter schools deserve equal funding and access to resources, and remind them to listen to their constituents.

Come to the Capitol

Sign up to come to Lansing for special legislative events and tell a moving story of charter school success directly to lawmakers.

Send a message to your lawmakers today

Stand up for charter students and charter schools across Michigan.
Contact lawmakers now