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Restore charter school funding

Gov. Whitmer has issued a devastating veto to slash the $240 per-pupil increase for charter school students ALONE - and it's not ok. 

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TWEET: @GovWhitmer just slashed a per-pupil funding increase for #charterschool students - while OK'ing the same funding for other public school students. πŸ‘€#ACTNOW to tell her this is NOT ok. bit.ly/actnow-micharterfunding 

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TWEET: Every #Michigan student should have equitable funding to support their education. Striking down a $240 per-pupil increase for 150,000+ #charterschool students is FAR from equal @GovWhitmer. #ACTNOW πŸ‘ŠπŸΌbit.ly/actnow-micharterfunding

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TWEET: Fact: MI #charterschool students receive K-12 funding at the state MINIMUM while serving many of our most in-need kids. Tell @GovWhitmer that these public school students deserve EQUITABLE funding. πŸ‘πŸΌ#ACTNOW bit.ly/actnow-micharterfunding 

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TWEET: @GovWhitmer - #Michigan students aren't bargaining chips for asphalt. Restore increased funding for the 150,000+ *public* charter students who need it. #ACTNOW bit.ly/actnow-micharterfunding

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TWEET: Thanks to @GovWhitmer, 150,000+ #Michigan students will receive NO per-pupil K-12 funding increase - while others will. Fair? We think not. ‼️#ACTNOW bit.ly/actnow-micharterfunding

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TWEET: MI #charterschool students stand to lose $36M as @GovWhitmer VETOES their per-pupil increase, while OK'ing it for other public school students. #ACTNOW bit.ly/actnow-micharterfunding πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

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Governor Whitmer's response on her cut to charter students

"I had to make some tough decisions with this budget.  And the charter school funding cut was just one of those tough decisions."


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

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