Gov. Whitmer's MI Opportunity Pathway Proposal an important conversation starter

Dan Quisenberry
Apr 12, 2019 2:29:11 PM

As we consider the challenges that face our state economy as we continue to grow, a prepared workforce of passionate, talented young people tops the list. For many graduating high school students, access to higher education and technical careers should be seamless - but often it is not. Gov. Whitmer's MI Opportunity Pathway Proposal is an important start to this critical conversation.

Gov. Whitmer’s MI Opportunity proposal provides for multiple pathways to success for high school graduates, whether they want to pursue a college degree or a technical certification. This is an important conversation that we agree must happen, and we look forward to working with the Governor and her team on creating solutions to this challenge.  

Michigan’s charter schools have always wholeheartedly embraced the concept that students learn in different ways, and charters have been leaders when it comes to improving college access through the development of early/middle colleges and building tremendous college-going cultures. When it comes to sending graduates on to college, for example, the leading high schools are charter schools - especially in Detroit. 

All students deserve excellent educational choices that support their individualized needs, and students should always be incentivized to excel at their own pace - no matter what path they choose.  We commend the Governor for making education a real priority.

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