Making a Great Choice for Your Teaching Job

Becky Carlton
Feb 7, 2018 3:50:00 PM

You may have not heard all positive things about charters schools from your college of education, but know this- everyone has made a choice to be at a charter school. Parents, teachers, students, and leadership all made a choice to be at a charter school. The action of choosing creates a culture of engagement, support and passion.

Families have made a choice.

Charter schools are unique public schools because each family has made the choice to be at that particular school. This school was not assigned nor is the student required to attend. Instead, a family was seeking a better fit for their child. They might have been dissatisfied with the previous public school they attended. The student might have expressed interest in a particular niche or topic. Whether the choice was made for curriculum, reputation, convenience, or the quality of teachers, the family made a choice to attend a different school than what was assigned to them to meet their needs. Through this choice comes an unintended consequence of increased engagement and satisfaction. Educators enjoy engaging with students and parents who made a choice to be at their school.

Educators have made a choice.

Teachers who choose to teach at a charter school do so for a variety of reasons. However, most who teach at a charter school are there because they believe in the mission of the school. Whether its art and music, science, robotics, project-based learning, a charter school offers a unique approach to education that fuels the passion for teachers. Choosing a school based on a mission that resonates with you is no longer just a job, but purpose. Some may even say that choosing to work in a charter school is similar to missionary work, where you have purpose and are making a difference serving families and students.

Charter schools offer school cultures that provide a family-like environment that is supportive and conducive to the needs of students and teachers. Why should teachers teach in a charter school? For a small supportive environment that allows autonomy and flexibility in the classroom. Choose a school where you have a voice and support families who choose to be in your school. Make a choice for charter. Make a choice for families and students to support them and their choices.


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