Meet June #MICharter Hero: Kate Scheid-Weber from Francis Reh Academy

Kyra Biscarner
Jun 7, 2023 11:41:18 AM

As the school leader at Francis Reh Academy in Saginaw, Kate Scheid-Weber passionately believes that all children deserve a high-quality education in a safe and loving environment. Kate’s nomination said even when school isn’t in session, she is there. 

Kate has a total commitment to her staff, the students and the families of Francis Reh. She is on call or at the school even when there no school- comes early and stays late. She is always visiting the classrooms and interacting with the students.”

For Kate, education wasn’t always the path she was headed down. Kate said her background in community relations has actually been very helpful in her role as school leader.

I went to Michigan State University as an undergraduate student and my degree is actually in Community Relations, so although I wasn’t educated as a teacher, it has actually served me incredibly well in the charter school setting in particular, because of the level of community involvement.”

What does Kate love the most about being the school leader at Francis Reh Academy? The growth she is able to see across the board.

We get to help people grow. We help students grow, we help our teams grow, we help families grow. I think when charter schools are living up to their potential, they serve the entire community and provide a different option for families.” 

While seeing the growth in students, families and the community is Kate’s favorite part, Kate’s nomination said she is the one encouraging her team and families to be involved with the student’s education. 

She has always encouraged her staff to reach out to the student’s family to update them and let them know we want their feedback.”

Every school has a “special sauce”. The thing that sets them apart from other school options. Kate said for Francis Reh Academy, it is about relationships. 

Relationships. It’s the team we built and that we operate as a family and it’s not always sunshine and roses. In families, we have hard and real conversations about what we need to do differently and what we need to do better but at the end of the day, we have built a team that is supportive of our community and our kids and supportive of each other.”

Francis Reh Academy is a Pre-K through 8th grade school located in Saginaw. Their mission statement is “Francis Reh Public School Academy educates and empowers all students to excel academically and positively impact our community.”

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