Meet November #MICharter Hero: Ms. Robinson from Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences

Kyra Biscarner
Nov 9, 2022 10:40:22 AM

Although Ms. Robinson’s title may be Community Services/Transportation, according to her students and staff she is all that and more. 

“She is the pulse of our entire school community. She supports all facilities and operational related projects at DAAS to make sure that our students are safe, fed, clothed, and comfortable in our buildings. She manages difficult and stressful situations with calm and grace, and always has a smile on her face.” 

At the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences there is hardly a student who doesn’t know Ms. Robinson and she said it’s the same for her striving so her students feel welcome and happy coming to school every day.

“Ms. Robinson knows just about every child and family by name. She strives to build positive personal connections with everyone she meets and brings a supportive stance to all things DAAS.” 

When asked why she loves working at DAAS, Ms. Robinson didn’t struggle to give an answer: her students. 

“I love our children and I have a passion for giving and doing. I want everyone to be happy and I want children to feel good about being in school whatever it takes.”

How does Ms. Robinson do this? She sees needs that need to be met and she meets them. Along with her role at DAAS, she also provides hygiene products, school uniforms, hair care and more to any student who comes in need of these items. 

“I like to think of it as Nike, I just do it”

DAAS CEO Maurice Morton said Ms. Robinson’s ability to care for her students is what truly sets her apart from any other. 

“One of the things we commonly speak about to all of our staff is we expect our staff to treat all of our scholars as if they were their own, imagine these are your own children, what do you expect of them? And it’s easy for Ms. Robinson because she truly does treat every child as if they were her own. She loves them, she cares for them, she looks out for them. She does everything imaginable here. Even though her role is transportation or food services, she’s always there for whatever we need. 

“If you just see the passion this woman has for what she does. It’s not about the money, it’s not about any other accolades, it’s strictly about our scholars getting what they need and that they are cared for.” 

Morton ended by saying what every student, staff and parent were thinking about Ms. Robinson, 

“We love her” 

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