The Glory Of Advanced Technology Academy: Written by a Charter School Student

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Sep 12, 2017 3:19:25 PM

We have some very extraordinary charter school students in the state of Michigan!  This spring, MAPSA partnered with the National Charter Schools Institute to hold an essay contest for charter school students across the state, with a theme of “Prepared to Succeed in Life."

The Glory Of Advanced Technology Academy

There is an abundance of schools all over the globe that aid millions of adolescents daily. I know, that because I witness my own teachers in my academy do that on a everyday basis. Their hard work and integrity motivates me to do better and keep pushing through.

I’m currently a sophomore, studying at Advanced Technology Academy (ATA). To be sincere, I appreciate my mother for transferring me to these halls of ivy. Like most teens my age, we all desire a successful future and significant opportunities for our forthcoming careers. A constant topic that’s heard repeatedly around here is “college.” I view that as an amazing factor because I think it influences not only me, but other students as well, to pursue their dreams on going on to further their education after high school. Even though I am only a tenth grader, I always think of what path I want to take once I graduate. As of now I am undecided to my decision, but my teachers have been an enormous help on giving me advice. The counselor and my previous instructors give me ideas and open my mind to the many different types of careers there are out in this world.

Last semester I had a career exploration class. I am so appreciative to that course because it educated me on so many aspects of reality. I discovered how to do a resume and prepare myself for future interviews. I even provided my sister with some useful tips that I learned in that class when she had her first interview. Every time I walked in the doors of that classroom I always came out with something new that I hadn't known before. It wasn't only the lessons, but the entire concept in general that took my ignorance and made me more alert to the real world. We went from studying different careers to exploring what they do, to even writing our own scholarships.

In my perspective, I believe all schools should have a public speaking course of study. I'm currently taking that class, and let me tell you, it's not easy, but it's necessary. It's important for students to build up their self confidence and speaking skills when they publicly speak. It's only been two months since I started that class and I love it. Even though speaking to a large number of people is my worst fear, I know this class is going to be worth it at the end of the year because I'm going to have an assurance of my ability to do better than before. My teacher for this particular class constantly reminds us of how speech is a major principle in our lives and how far we can go if we succeed in this skill. For the unfolding events that might transpire in our existence, this expertise can be useful.

ATA carries this association named “Career Readiness Program.” Thankfully, I got offered the chance to take part of the program. Honestly, I think it's the best opportunity that happened to me all year. Me and ten other ambitious peers got to experience the feeling of conversing with professional people in different types of career fields. Not only that, but we also were informed on how the lifestyle of a college student actually is and other obstacles that can come our way, like student loans. The four mentors who support us with all this knowledge, also talk about their own past experiences and tell us how they got to where they are now and give us guidance on how to do the same.

Just recently, I got offered a paid internship. I was beyond grateful to receive a chance for different of reasons. This opening could be the first step to discovering if I actually enjoy a specific profession. I chose to go down the path of business because one thing I did know is that business somewhat caught my eye. I'm going to experience the whole process of how it actually feels to be in the business field, and I could come to a conclusion on whether this line of work is for me or not.

I applaud my school for including a variety of clubs and programs. They offer National Honor Society (NHS), Engineering Programs, Robotics Club, Early Middle College, Etc. It's an essential for schools to provide their students with numerous of organizations. Especially National Honor Society, it's an amazing union. NHS gives you leadership and teamwork skills that can help you to be a paragon to other individuals. Students who participate in clubs improve their skills that can assist them on reaching their aspirations.

Overall this institution has helped me increase mentally on many different levels. Especially the faculty, with their hospitality and generosity. Because of them and the opportunities that have come my way, I've become an intellectual on various of things. They've also encouraged me to strive for what I want and to never give up. Like ATA always says: “ High standards for high achievements.”

This was the second place essay in the middle school division came from Michelle Perez, a 10th grader from Advanced Technology Academy. 


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