MI Charter Comms Network: Brand Basics

Brand Basics

Our goal is to refine, support & enhance our collective communications, by first recognizing that we are uniquely positioned to tell a bigger story about charter schools in Michigan. We're the people pushing the 
"send/post/schedule" buttons - and we can create intention with each of those messages. 

Our brand basics offer guiding messaging that helps build positive reputation through various social, digital and traditional communications - we achieve this through consistent wording, tone and storytelling. 


Our positioning statement articulates who we are, and the distinctive value Michigan's charter schools bring. It bridges our unique differences to reflect a single, common mission and vision for the movement. 
Michigan's diverse and innovative charter schools enable dynamic and creative learning opportunities to meet the needs of every student, empowering them to realize their highest potential. 

Brand Essence

The essence of the Michigan Charter Schools brand is the core of our messaging and the central premise of our storytelling.

Flexible Innovation

Our innovative teaching styles and campuses empower educators to push the boundaries of traditional teaching.

Meaningful Success

Our success is reflected in our students' performance and growth. We believe in a holistic and engaging experience.

Empowered Choice

We believe that meaningful partnerships between parents and educators help uncover the best school option for every student.

Brand Personality

Our brand personality tones are the character of our collective voices, defined in human terms. They are the feelings that should be evoked in any single communication piece, and over time should be the adjectives the public begin to associate with Michigan's charter schools. 


Michigan charter schools provide an environment that empowers educators to make choices that impact student outcomes through innovative pedagogies, strategies and projects. 


Michigan charter schools offer parents, regardless of residence, race, wealth or heritage, diverse, high quality, equitably-funded educational options. 


Michigan charter schools champion systems of evaluation that measure meaningful student and instructor growth, utilizing strategies that allow for innovation.


Michigan charter schools provide freedom, resources and access that empowers the school, teachers and communities to deliver diverse and innovative opportunities to all students.


Michigan charter schools treat each student as an individual, shaping their educational experience in a way that suits their learning style, supports holistic student success and embraces their uniqueness.


Michigan charter schools continually demonstrate high performance in key student success measures, anchored by a robust system of multiple authorizers that enables dynamic reform. 


Our brand tagline serves as a unifying statement across all communications. It should be simple and timeless. Over time, its organic adoption by our audiences will be a core indicator of our brand effectiveness.

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