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Our MI charter story

We are educators, learners, parents and advocates alike. We believe in our charter schools because they've changed our lives. These are our voices, these are our stories. 

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#EmbraceTheChallenge series

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the education landscape - but our dedicated Michigan charter educators took the challenge head on, going above and beyond to reimagine instruction to best support students and families.

Meet five feature schools who reimagined education under the hardest circumstances


Spring 2020 Feature: Renaissance Public School Academy

At Renaissance PSA, students and educators share a collaborative learning journey called Project Based Learning (PBL), where kids are the co-creators of their school roadmap, and teachers serve as expert guides.

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Fall 2019 Feature: Cesar Chavez Academy

Serving an over 95% Hispanic/Latino identified student body, CCA's bilingual school approach is driving opportunity, growth and accessibility for Detroit students, and their families.

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MI Charter Classroom

We push the boundaries of traditional instruction. We are the leaders in our schools, with autonomy to achieve success through unique strategies. We believe in every student.

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We are the educators, students, parents & advocates who believe in something different for MI's public education. Here's how: 

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