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Our MI charter story

We are educators, learners, parents and advocates alike. We believe in our charter schools because they've changed our lives. These are our voices, these are our stories. 

A photo of 2019 MI Charter School Teacher of the Year.

Discover our 2019 top educators

The MI Charter Awards recognize the state's leading teachers and administrators. Beyond their high academic data, these guys give all heart, all the time.

Meet our teacher finalists→ // Meet our admin finalists→

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Congrats 2019 MI Charter Grads!

Caps & gowns, new beginnings, fresh adventures. Michigan charter school grads are taking on their next big dreams as global citizens, bold leaders & passionate scholars.

Meet some awesome grads
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MI Charter Classroom: meet the teachers

We push the boundaries of traditional instruction. We are the leaders in our schools, with autonomy to achieve success through unique strategies. We believe in every student, in working miracles, in going the extra mile.

Check out these special teachers →


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Meet our trailblazers

2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the charter school law going into effect in the Mitten - meet some of our key pioneers.

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Learn more about us

We are the educators, students, parents & advocates who believe in something different for MI's public education. Here's how: 

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Understand our fight

We stand for our unique work - but it isn't always easy. Find out why we share our stories and how you can get involved.

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