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On Oct. 1, 2019, Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a $240 per-pupil funding increase for charter school students, while OK'ing funding for other public school students - all in an effort to bargain for road funding. The #PawnChallenge calls on charter educators, advocates, parents and students to share real stories, about our real kids - showing Gov. Whitmer & our elected officials that MI charter students are not just faceless pawns to be used as bargaining chips in their political game.


Step 1: film your story

We recommend a 1-2 minute selfie video, filmed in vertical orientation.

  • Introduce yourself, and who you're standing up for. (My name is Jane Smith, and my son Jalen attends ABC Charter School.) 
  • Share your impact story. (At ABC Charter School, my son has an amazing team of teachers, who have helped him overcome his fear of science class. Without ABC Charter School, Jalen never would've discovered his passion for saving the bees.)
  • Tell your elected officials to stop using charter students as political pawns. (Governor Whitmer, I've got a message for you and my local elected officials: Jalen is not a pawn you can use in your game of political chess. Fund every Michigan student equally!)

Step 2: publish your post

Before posting your masterpiece, follow these quick steps.

  • You can post your #PawnChallenge video to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Be sure to tag Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Instagram: @gewhitmer, Twitter: @GovWhitmer, Facebook: @Governor Gretchen Whitmer), as well as your local Senator and State Representative. 
  • Use #PawnChallenge to participate 
  • Tag MI Charters (Instagram: @charterschools, Twitter: @MiCharters, Facebook: @Michigan's Charter Schools)
  • Make sure to post your #PawnChallenge to your PERSONAL social media profile, not your school's.

Step 3: nominate friends & take your efforts NEXT LEVEL


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