Expanded choice and opportunity: Six new charter schools opening in Michigan this fall

Buddy Moorehouse
Aug 31, 2022 8:48:22 AM

Families across the state will have an array of new public school options this fall, as six new charter schools open in Michigan. 

The list includes new charter schools in Detroit, Ypsilanti, Warren, Livonia and Muskegon, covering all grade levels. Four charter schools are also closing this year, so with the net gain of two schools, there will be 296 charter schools in Michigan this fall.

MAPSA President Dan Quisenberry said the addition of the new schools is good news for families seeking quality school options for their children.

Recent polling tells us that not only do parents and voters overwhelmingly favor charter schools, but that they also strongly believe there should be more options for parents. Voters also say that education has become such a priority for them that they’re willing to cross parties if necessary to support candidates who agree with them on school choice. Charter schools only open when and where there is a need for more school options. The list of new schools includes some very innovative and exciting programs. The real winners here are families and students."

- Dan Quisenberry, President, MAPSA


The list of new charter schools for 2022:

KIPP Detroit Imani Academy, Detroit

Authorized by Central Michigan University. KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) is one of the highest-performing charter school networks in the country, with 270 schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia. The Detroit Imani Academy is the first KIPP school in Michigan and has a Detroit-born-and-raised founder and school leader, Candace Rogers. It will start with kindergarten this year and will add a grade every year until it’s a full K-12 school.

SER YouthBuild Learning Academy, Detroit

Authorized by the Detroit Public Schools Community District. This is an existing program within the DPSCD system that is converting to a charter school this year. The SER YouthBuild Learning Academy is an alternative high school that serves students ages 16-21 who have experienced challenges in other school environments, giving them a chance to re-enter high school and earn a diploma.

Explore Academy-Livonia

Authorized by Central Michigan University. Explore Academy-Livonia will start with grades 6-8 and will add a grade every year until it’s a 6-12 school. Explore Academy is a charter school network with schools in California, Nevada and New Mexico. This new school in Livonia will be the first one in the Midwest. The Explore Academy model provides for an individualized education for students in which they’re allowed to choose from an array of classes, similar to what students do in college.

Muskegon Maritime Academy, Muskegon

Authorized by Saginaw Valley State University. An innovative K-5 school in a military environment, Muskegon Maritime Academy features a curriculum that’s centered on reading, science, technology, engineering and math, in tandem with water education and maritime research. In addition to the academic subjects, the school will stress the military values of discipline, honor, respect and service.

New Dawn Academy of Warren

Authorized by Saginaw Valley State University. Part of the successful EMAN network of charter schools, New Dawn Academy of Warren is a K-8 school that features a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum.

Pittsfield Acres Academy, Ypsilanti

Authorized by Ferris State University. Part of the high-performing Global Educational Excellence (GEE) network of charter schools, Pittsfield Acres Academy is a K-5 school that offers Arabic education as part of its rigorous academic program. The school serves a multicultural student community and all students in grades K-5 will receive Arabic language education.

The four charter schools that are closing this year, mostly due to declining enrollment:

  • Ann Arbor Learning Community
  • Augusta Academy, Kalamazoo area
  • Genesee STEM Academy, Flint
  • NexTech High School, Lansing
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