Legislature passes school aid budget to stay same as last fiscal year

Alicia Urbain
Sep 23, 2020 11:39:40 PM

At MAPSA we believe that education funding must drive student achievement, and should be awarded equitably amongst every student to support their success.

The legislature passed the Fiscal Year 2021 School Aid budget on September 23, 2020. There are some important highlights and changes to accommodate the unusual year while operating schools through the COVID pandemic.


Due to the unpredictable changes in enrollment for all schools this year, the legislature also included an additional (roughly) $65/pupil in a separate line item paid out 50% of last year’s fall blended count and 50% on this fall’s blended count. This is dependent on how many pupils are paid out in the 'additional $65/pupil' line item. 

There will also be a new categorical line item for the schools who have seen growth in enrollment this school year. These districts are eligible if their FY 2020-21 membership blend as it would have normally been calculated in a non-pandemic year exceeds their FY 2020-21 pupil membership calculation (the “super blend”). Payments are equal to the difference in pupils multiplied by the district’s foundation allowance, capped at the foundation allowance. Payments may be prorated if funds are insufficient.

There is also a new teacher incentive payment that would allow a school to pay a teacher in their first three years $500 or $1,000 (depending on the FRL %) as long as the school matches it with an additional $500 payment per teacher. This is a one-time payment at the end of the school year. 

This new budget also revises the Extended COVID Learning Plan reaffirmations to say “monthly” instead of every 30 days. (As most boards meet the second Thursday of the month, this ensures that during months longer than 30 days, boards don't have to meet more than once.)

We anticipate that Governor Whitmer will sign this budget into effect next week. 

If you have questions about this budget agreement for MAPSA, or to follow along for additional updates and information, we encourage you to create an account in the MI Charters Mastermind Network and follow our "Legislative Updates" topic.


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