Trevor Marshall: Yale awaits, in part thanks to my charter

Grace Noyola
Jun 18, 2019 11:51:12 AM

Yale University is committed to improving the world today and for future generations through outstanding research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice.

That's a pretty lofty mission statement - even for an amazing institution like Yale. But next fall, I'll be actively participating in bringing that vision to life as a freshman Bulldog.

When it came time to pick a high school, I have to be honest - a dress code and strict tardy policy weren't at the top of my wish list. But Taylor Preparatory High School has a lot more to offer than that - from smaller class sizes, to flexible scheduling, to simply not drowning in a huge crowd, it was home - and I'm happy to have spent my entire high school career there.

As a student at Taylor Prep, I was encouraged to pursue academic rigor at the level I wanted, without restrictions on how much I wanted to challenge myself. I was surrounded by educators who knew me, personally, and invested in supporting me in those academic spaces. I had close connections with almost all my classmates, thanks to our small size. 

It's hard to truly explain the benefit of those things, especially when local district schools have more money and elite sports teams. But just like Yale prioritizes our future generations, I honestly believe that sending your child to a charter school is an investment in their future - and ultimately, our shared future. 

Things like character and integrity don't get built over night, but at Taylor Prep they were intentional and frequent principals. As I look forward to this new academic journey, and the challenges that inevitably lie ahead, I feel confident that the tools I've gained at Taylor give me a leg-up. 

I hope to study economics and political science at Yale this fall - the goal being to immerse myself in subjects that fascinate me, and might one day reveal an exact career path. Until then, I'm a proud 2019 Taylor Prep grad. 

Written by Trevor Marshall, 2019 graduate, Taylor Preparatory High School 

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