Update on the 2017 State Budget

Alicia Urbain
Jun 15, 2017 1:53:06 PM

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The state budget is underway at the Capitol in Lansing, and MAPSA is advocating for charter schools to maximize their per-pupil up till the last minute!

A House-Senate conference committee last week reported out an appropriations bill that includes the so-called “2x” formula for school funding. Under the 2x formula, the lowest-funded schools in the state – which includes every charter school – will receive double the per-pupil increase ($120 per pupil) than higher-funded schools ($60 per pupil).

Checkout a quick video update:

Stay tuned for more updates over the next week as lawmakers work hard to finalize the budget. For access to the inside scoop within the Capitol, join MAPSA's Charter School Legislative ListServ. We are seeking charter school members and stakeholders to join this email list to receive updates on charter school legislation. We may ask you for follow up references and reserve the right to approve all parties involved. You may receive email updates and requests for more information on policies and issues, however, this intimate list of engaged charter school supporters will have access to inside information.

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