What is MAPSA?

Heather Risner
Mar 16, 2017 6:00:00 AM

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MAPSA is Michigan's charter school association, and we’re the unified voice for the 150,000 students and more than 10,000 educators working in the state’s 300 charter public schools. We believe that every child in Michigan deserves a choice for a quality education.

Our goal is to lead the effort to ensure access to quality educational options for all Michigan children by advocating for and supporting an environment that empowers creative thought, fosters innovation, and leads to the implementation of practices that deliver meaningful educational outcomes. 

We believe that charter schools provide the opportunity to change the trajectory of education in Michigan. We see it as our mission to help the charter vision come to life.

Unfortunately, even after over 20 years of charter schools being in existence, there are still those individuals who:

  • Would like to see charter schools go away
  • Still don’t understand charters are public schools
  • Wrongly believe all charter schools do is take away dollars from the traditional schools
  • Mistakenly believe charter schools aren’t required to follow the same accountability measures as traditional schools

MAPSA works hard every day with the help of parents and others to dispel those myths. We do this in many ways but one tool we use is the success stories shared with us by charter parents. Share your story of success below to help us dispell myths about charters and continue to brand charter schools positively throughout the state!

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