Why Working In A Charter School Rocks!

Becky Carlton
Feb 2, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Imagine a work environment that has been designed to accommodate you and the population you serve daily. An occupation that allows you to directly affect the future world by teaching at a school open to all, at no charge that allows you a smaller classroom so that you can focus on the individual need of each child. Sound a little far-fetched maybe, but its not. With over sixty thousand charter school teachers throughout the United States, it makes you wonder why they would choose charter over your traditional public or a parochial school atmosphere. There’s not much research to find the reason for the answer is simple; charter schools ROCK! 

Since charter schools are usually founded by parents, educators, community leaders or existing schools the possibilities are endless. Charter schools ROCK because they offer choices for parents and students within the public school system and create empowering teaching jobs for talented teachers. They encourage innovative teaching; determine their own customized curriculum with plenty of flexibility in smaller classrooms and a wide range of focused programs to specialize in the needs of not only the student but also the teacher.

Let’s dig a little deeper into a few highlighted areas to get excited about:

  1. An empowering environment:
    In a charter school, teachers experience more leeway and freedom to develop a desired teaching style in their classroom with the day-to-day curricula. While they are being empowered in the classroom they are also encouraged to be a part of the process to help develop the “going-ons” in the school, helping to establish a more “family” oriented atmosphere for staff.
  2. Plenty of opportunity:
    The demand for qualified quality educators continues to grow throughout the state and nation. There are positions for new, growing and existing charters ranging focus areas from Aviation to sciences in Zoology and a need for teachers to fit the culture. With such an incredibly diverse pool of schools to choose from that fit each teacher’s specialization area there is no room to be bored with charter school education.
  3. High Parent Involvement:
    Parents chose your school after a process of deciding if your method of teaching would be effective in educating their child.They processed the application, made it through the lottery, and finally got an acceptance letter to your school. Your parents have a proven track record of investing in their child’s education. The collaboration between parent, student and teacher is easy to nurture and develop from this point forward.This parental engagement makes teaching students easier because students know they have someone rooting for them and setting goals and expectations. This, in turn, makes the task of reaching their goals easier to manage and navigate.

Take for example fourth grade teacher Jackie Botsford at Greater Heights Academy in Flint.  She made it her purpose to find the good in each student and is excited by the fact that she can not only be their teacher, but a mentor, friend and teach them life skills to be successful in their future…which makes her charter school environment exactly where she wants to be.

As you can see, charter schools provide an empowering environment where you are supported with room for growth and opportunity to spread your wings.  Thus, allowing you to develop the best education for your students in collaboration with their families and community. This observation stems from feedback we’ve received, one-on-one encounters, and seeing our teachers thriving in the schools. So celebrate, collaborate and explore because being working in a charter school truly does ROCK!

A photo of several educators posing in front of a mural of a large mascot.

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