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As a movement, we know that our charter schools are creating amazing opportunities for students and families, but we aren't spending enough time talking about it. Our long-term success is dependent not just on academic performance, but also our ability to build meaningful relationships with media, lawmakers, neighbors and community influencers - and the best way to do so is by telling your story. What unique experience are you shaping for kids? What impact is it having? Who are the faces of your school? By sharing the answers to those questions, you can build critical connections with those influencers who can impact your school, and build engagement with your community. And how do you get your story out there? Harnessing the power of digital and social media. 


4 key elements to successful digital & social storytelling 


Identity: define your story

How do you use great stories to change public perception, increase enrollment & influence your local lawmaker? Simply put, great storytelling demands a consistent, powerful brand.

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Audience: understand your listeners

To make meaningful connections with our neighbors, lawmakers, state officials & media, we must know who's listening to our story, and adapt our message accordingly.

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Structure: organize your storytelling

To achieve effective and consistent communication, it's essential to develop tools and processes that streamline the storytelling process and drive your brand.

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Authenticity: fearlessly own your story

Here's the bottom line: whether it's good or bad, your story will get out there - but proactively using social media to spread the good will help build a base of engaged supporters.

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