Audience: understand your listeners

Audience: understand your listeners

As Michiganders, we know that context is EVERYTHING. From 'party stores' to 'pasties' to 'pop,' we're a little different - and for outsiders it can be pretty confusing, so clear communication is a must. The same rules apply for those of us in the charter world, because our success is dependent on making meaningful connections with our neighbors, lawmakers, state officials & media - many of whom can be pretty hard to reach. That means not just telling your story, but knowing who's listening so you can adapt your message for maximum impact.

Takeaway #1: Identify the important players

  • Students and educators are only one half of your key audiences - media, lawmakers and community influencers can have a BIG impact on your school.
  • Consider your existing narrative - who's talking about you right now? What are they saying? 

Takeaway #2: build great personas

  • What are the goals and interests of your audience? What motivates each audience set? How can you adapt your story to address those motivations?
  • Understand which platform or medium is best to reach each persona.
  • Prioritize audiences - who can you have the most impact via storytelling?

Creating meaningful audience personas

Takeaway #3: adapt your engagement tactics

  • Track your engagement outreach efforts for maximum impact.
  • You need to accept that people in your community have by default bought into your traditional counterparts and if you are not owning your value proposition you will never feel like you are a part of your community.

Tracking your key audience relationships


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