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2020 MI Charter Grad feature: Ajibola Adigun

#MiCharterGrad20: Ajibola Adigun 

We set out to interview real, Michigan charter school graduating seniors to uncover why they LOVE their school, how it helped prepare them for their next steps, and where their path leads next! Check out our interview with 2020 grad, Ajibola Adigun! 

Q1 - How did you make your way to International Academy of Flint? 

I started attending International Academy of Flint (IAF) in sixth grade, and from the time that I set foot into the building to the time I left, I have had nothing but love for the staff and my fellow classmates. The school is very challenging academically, so the learning curve from my old school was very high - but with the help of my family and many amazing teachers I was able to become a great student.

Q2 - What are your favorite school subjects/extracurriculars? 

My favorite extracurricular activity would be my school's Student Life Organization. It is a group of young leaders who want to make a positive impact on the school and community and I will definitely be taking many skills from the whole experience with me into the real world!

Q3 - Tell us about an educator who's inspired you!

Throughout my entire school experience, I've had many teachers inspire me to follow a higher path that’ll lead to success - so I cannot chose just one, but they all had one thing in common. Each instructor made me believe that doing my absolute best in school would pay off and work for me in the long run, before I created a bond with the teachers of IAF I was sort of just floating around getting by with mediocre grades because it was okay but after meeting my teachers and getting to know them and understanding that they believe in me and actually expect amazing things from me I couldn’t let them down.

Q4 - Where are you headed next?
After high school I plan on attending Central Michigan University to receive a degree in Computer Science, and then later on become a Data Scientist for a company like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft. IAF has helped prepare me so much by giving me the skills and abilities needed to successfully reach my goal.
Q5 - What's your favorite high school memory?!
My favorite memories will always be any school trip that I took with my friends, no matter where it took place, having my friends with me created memories that I could never forget.
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Grad Profile: Ajibola Adigun

School: International Academy of Flint

Next adventure: Central Michigan University

Dreams & goals: Earn a degree in computer science & one day work for a company like Amazon, Google or Microsoft!

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