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2020 MI Charter Grad feature: Diamond Coleman

#MiCharterGrad20: Diamond Coleman

We set out to interview real, Michigan charter school graduating seniors to uncover why they LOVE their school, how it helped prepare them for their next steps, and where their path leads next! Check out our interview with 2020 grad, Diamond Coleman! 

Q1 - How did you make your way to Voyageur College Prep? 

I came to Voyageur College Prep at the beginning of my 11th-grade year. I'm an outgoing person, but for the first couple of weeks when I got there, I was really shy and didn't talk to many people. After I got to know a few of the other students, I saw how nice everyone was and the school quickly became my home away from home, as everyone just made me feel so welcome. 

Q2 - What are your favorite school subjects/extracurriculars? 

My favorite subject is English, especially creative writing. I had a teacher that had me start writing poems, and I really got into it. I loved writing poetry because it let me write things from the heart. All of the poetry I write is based on personal experiences. I also wrote an autobiography, and I really liked being able to tell my story that way. Outside of school, I've been involved in several organizations, including 482Forward and Developing K.I.D.S. Those are community organizations that really helped me develop my leadership skills. I got to speak with the governor, and I was in the Detroit Free Press, and it's been such a great experience.

Q3 - Tell us about an educator who's inspired you!

Mr. Keenan Penn was my college seminar teacher. He inspired me so much, because I knew that anything that was happening inside or outside of school, I could talk to him about it. He's really the one who guided me on the right path. He kept telling me, "You're going to be somebody." All my teachers believed in me, but he's really the one who made me see what I could me. I emailed him this week during Teacher Appreciation Week just to tell him how much I appreciated him. He told me that I'm the only student who could ever make him laugh.

Q4 - Where are you headed next?
I'm going to be attending Oakland University to major in social work. I want to be a social worker who works with children who don't have a home. All the work I did in high school helped me develop the skills I'm going to need.
Q5 - What's your favorite high school memory?!
My favorite high school memory was on our Senior Picture Day. We all dressed up, we were all together having such a great time and laughing, and everybody just felt so happy. The joy that the teachers felt for us was so great, too. I'll always remember that day!
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Grad Profile: Diamond Coleman

School: Voyageur College Prep

Next adventure: Oakland University

Dreams & goals: Pursue social work  & help homeless children 

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