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2020 MI Charter Grad feature: Lisa Stambaugh

#MiCharterGrad20: Lisa Stambaugh

We set out to interview real, Michigan charter school graduating seniors to uncover why they LOVE their school, how it helped prepare them for their next steps, and where their path leads next! Check out our interview with charter alumna (2015), Lisa Stambaugh! 

Q1 - Share a little about your school experience! 

As long as I can remembered I have always loved school and most of my academics. One thing that I realized is that there are sometimes struggles and hurdles that are harder than others to overcome, however with some time, help of teachers, classmates, and my parents it was possible to overcome those challenges. The school started as North Central Academy (NCA) when I was going into my sophomore year of high school (it had another name prior to that), and it is known in the community for its family atmosphere. Many of the teachers have been beyond selfless when it has come to the students of NCA and many times they have been that constant guiding hand for any student (no matter the grade level).

Q2 - What are your favorite school subjects/extracurriculars? 

My favorite subject in school has always been math! I had an amazing math teacher, Mr Breithaupt, most of my time in high school and he inspired me to do my best, not just in math class but in all my classes and my future life. My favorite extracurricular had to be dance, when it was offered, and a class called senior seminar. In that class we had the chance to talk about what we were going to do after high school, learn about and look into college, as well learn other pre-job skills. Although, the best part in my opinion, was the chance to work in some of the elementary classes. During this time we worked with the teachers, helping with miscellaneous tasks, and worked our way up to working with the students. The chance to work one-on-one with the students was the spark to my desire to go into special education. I also enjoyed the fine arts at the school and to this day I still love to dance, sing, and sketch! During my junior year there were a few students who qualified for National Honor Society, so that club began. Outside of NCA I was involved with a youth organization (IORG) which involves participating in much service work, which was an amazing way to tie my school life and personal life more together by doing many service projects with NHS.

Q3 - Tell us about an educator who's inspired you!

I had many teachers who inspired me to be an educator, but there were two teachers in my last few years of school who really inspired me to go into education. Those two teachers were Mr. Breithaupt, my math teacher, and Mrs. Kettlewell, who was the classroom teacher I worked with during my senior year and she is now the vice-principal of our school. I saw the way Mr. Breithaupt worked with the students of many grades and levels, which showed me the huge importance of teaching in a way that works for all students, including using multiple examples and techniques/strategies. He also helped fuel my passion for math in general! As for Mrs. Kettlewell, she showed me what it is like to deal with many obstacles thrown at educators and still be a very effective teacher and an amazing role model to all students. She made connections with each of her 30+ students in her class that year, each of which were very genuine. Dealing with the pressures of education and personal life, she still kept the model of putting her students first in all situations, which is what I aspire to do as well.

Q4 - Where are you headed next?
This year, I graduated from Eastern Michigan University (having graduated from North Central Academy in 2015). NCA prepared me for college by helping me become a diligent worker and helped instill work ethic through guidance and with designated deadlines. I also developed the ability to make working relationships with teachers at NCA and this lead to my ability to do the same in college with my professors, advisors, and some classmates. Now, I'm actually back at NCA as a special education teacher - and I'm super excited to be making a difference for kids!
Q5 - What's your favorite high school memory?!
One of my favorite memories from NCA is being a leader within the school to students of all ages, through my participation in NHS, student council, and a long time student at NCA, and through my academics. I loved the chance I had to work with younger students and that will always be a memory that I cherish. Another great memory was the time I spent with my classmates and the few adults during our senior trip, it was definitely a great end to my time at NCA as a student.
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Grad Profile: Lisa Stambaugh

School: North Central Academy (2015), Eastern Michigan University (2020)

Next adventure: Special Education teacher @ North Central Academy

Dreams & goals: Make a difference in students' lives! 

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