Detroit charter high schools take top 10 spots for graduation rates

Buddy Moorehouse
Mar 19, 2020 9:10:18 AM

A new analysis from MLive shows that the top 10 open-enrollment high schools in Detroit when it comes to graduation rates are all charter schools.

MLive looked at data from the Class of 2019 released by the Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information, and found that the overall graduation rate statewide was 81.4%. At most charter schools in Detroit, though, the rate was 90% or higher.

The top 10 open-enrollment high schools in Detroit (all charter schools) and their graduation rates are:

  1. Cornerstone Health and Technology High School, 95%
  2. Detroit Edison Public School Academy (DEPSA), 94%
  3. UPrep Science and Math High School, 93%
  4. University Preparatory Academy, 92%
  5. Cesar Chavez Academy, 91%
  6. Universal Academy, 91%
  7. Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, 90%
  8. Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies, 90%
  9. Frontier International Academy, 89%
  10. Detroit Community Schools, 87%

The analysis matches up with other rankings that have been done by MLive in recent months, all of which show that by any metric, charter schools are the highest-performing schools in Detroit. MLive also looked at college enrollment rates and SAT scores.

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