Dear Governor Whitmer,

One hundred percent of The Dearborn Academy students receive free/reduced  lunch. Our students are from Middle Eastern, Hispanic, African American, and multi-ethnic backgrounds. More than 60 percent are English language learners.

Most of our children live in poverty and the majority come from homes where English is not their native tongue. As such, they come to school behind their more well-to-do peers in both literacy and language development.  

We have been successful in drawing students to our school essentially via word of mouth.  Our reputation has been built on trust and a sense of security. Parents/guardians search us out and all prefer us to their local school districts. We have created an environment that is stronger than the pull of the streets. We bond with our families in a number of ways, including through ESL Parent Classes, Summer Home Visits, Spring Fling Carnival, Parent Nights, etc.

All our staff go above and beyond for our Dolphins. They come early to help tutor or stay late to tutor, coach or run clubs.

Our eighth-graders participate in our annual Washington, D.C., trip with teachers and administrators as chaperones.  Staff members have transported students home or picked them up when the buses were not running. They have paid out of their pockets to sponsor field trips. Staff members have helped collect funds, food, furniture and more for families in need.

Please restore the funding increase for my Dearborn Academy Dolphins, and all the other charter student across MI. 


Afrin Alavi, Principal @ Dearborn Academy

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