Dear Governor Whitmer, 

West MI Academy of Environmental Science (WMAES) serves students from over 12 different ZIP codes. Our students have backgrounds that vary from being homeless, parents working multiple jobs, one-parent households, and parents who are professors, doctors, teachers, lawyers. Our students face the challenges that ALL students face – trying their best to become the best they can be!

WMAES has been recognized by US News and World Report as one of the top high schools in our state. We were named an Emerald School by because of our sustainability choices and actions. We provide the opportunity every day for students to engage in hands-on learning on our 62-acre campus. Our school has grown in enrollment over the last eight years due to parents making the choice to send their children to West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science.

If you were to ask any student why they love WMAES, they would say their teachers, with learning outdoors being a close second. Our educators are the most dedicated, compassionate and thriving individuals that we could ask for.

Our teachers range in experience from 1-16 years. They plan lessons that focus on students as individuals, truly put the needs of our students first every day. Our entire team participates in numerous community activities to connect to our families.  Our teachers are committed to giving the students at WMAES every opportunity to succeed.

Please restore the funding increase for my WMAES students, and all the other charter student across MI. 


Kerri Barrett, Elementary Principal @ WMAES

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