Dear Governor Whitmer,

Landmark Academy opened its doors in 1999, serving 197 students Kindergarten through 8th grade. Over the past 20 years, we have grown and now serve 800 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We have had eight graduating classes with over 400 graduates!

During this time, family needs in our county have grown primarily driven by an increase in the economically disadvantaged population. Landmark Academy has helped meet the needs of these families by adding additional support services. Additionally, our close community and family atmosphere helps our students feel accepted, challenged and safe.

Landmark Academy has over 50 educators. These professionals know our families and understand the needs of our community. They spend extra time working with students to create more opportunities in a small school environment before and after regular school hours.

And we’ve been highly successful in terms of achievement and results. Over the past few years, Landmark Academy has been a three time recipient of a Bronze Medal in the US News and World Report's “Best High Schools in America” rankings. We are one of two schools in our county that has received this award and the only school in the Port Huron area.

Families who have chosen to attend Landmark Academy in our community have done so because we offer a school environment that teaches character education and focuses on the individual needs of the students.

Please restore the funding increase for my Landmark students, and all the other charter student across MI. 


Debbie Wilton, Superintendent @ Landmark Academy

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