The daVinci Institute

Funding cut veto impact: $125,000

The da Vinci Institute is a K-12 charter school that features individualized education and a heavy emphasis on dual enrollment for its high school students. Situated on Baker College's campus, their high schoolers can earn college credits just a building over. 

Additionally, daVinci has dedicated itself to understanding and supporting the needs of trauma - and the effects of that trauma in the classroom. Recognizing that many students find them after facing bullying, home struggles, or issues at another school, their dedicated team of educators implemented key trauma practices - including "sensory rooms," where students can go to cool off and unwind when experiencing frustration. 

This will be daVinci's first year in a brand new building, and as such they are facing a large mortgage payment. As charter schools have to cover the cost of their facilities without aid, that is a significant cost for the school. The veto has significantly affected their ability to do other enhancements, including field trips, technology upgrades for students, and pay increases for teachers and staff.

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